Tablets Price List in Singapore

A few years back the gap between computers, phones and tablets was very broad. While computers were meant for running applications, phones served a single purpose that is calling and tablets were beyond the budget of common man. However in this fast growing world of mobile computers, phones and tablets are the two key players. People no longer resort to the traditional means of sitting in front of desktop and sending emails, rather nowadays they use their phones and tablets to instantly connect with their near and dear ones, and the scenario is no different in Singapore. A study reveals that approximately 3 million Singaporeans access social media accounts through their mobile devices. So, if you too wish to access your social media accounts using mobile devices, then visit our website Mybestprice that provides you a clear and step by step guide to choose the best tablet prices in Singapore.

Best Tablets of 2022

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Tablets Price in Singapore

Latest Tablet Price List (2022) Updated Prices
Lenovo Tab 4 10 PlusS$ 355
Apple iPad Pro 9.7-InchS$ 843
Kindle Paperwhite WhiteS$ 175
Samsung Galaxy View WiFiS$ 1,287
Samsung Galaxy Tab A with S Pen (8.0) WhiteS$ 498
Huawei T2 7 0 Tablet Gold 1 Years Warranty 16GB RAM 64GB ROM Quad Core 1 5GHzS$ 10,427
LeapFrog LeapPad2 Power Learning Tablet PinkS$ 20,940
Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 WiFi 8-inch 16GB Tablet White Android 4 4 kitket Quad-Core 1 2GHz DDR3 RAM 1 5GBS$ 20,435
Huawei MediaPad T3 10 Tablet 16GB - Qualcomm Quad-core 1 4GHz RAM 2GB ROM 16GB IPS-DisplayS$ 15,667
Lenovo ideapad Miix310 2in1 Touchscreen IPS Window Tablet 64GB Laptop Tablet PCS$ 31,387

Why should you go for the Tablets?

It has never been very easy to choose between a phone and a tablet, especially for those who are about to dip their toe into the technological world for the first time, as they might be wondering if they need any one or both. Why to worry? Just log into our website and get the detailed information that will help you choose between a phone and a tablet. Before making a purchase, a number of question pops up in your mind like who is the user, what purposes will it serve or how much does it cost-you will get answer to all your questions, just log into our website and browse through the details.

If you are an avid movie watcher or like reading books and magazines then tablets should be your first choice. Though smart phones can also serve the same purpose but from a visual perspective tablets are a better option and our website offers you best tablets price in Singapore. Our site not only let you choose among a wide range of brands but also gives you a deeper insight of the features and ratings that help you to decide which brand to buy. So if you wish to spend your hard-earned money wisely just compare tablets price online and then settle your purchase.

 A study reveals that most Singaporeans go for a research before purchasing products online, so if you are one amongst them then this is the right place. Just scroll through our website that offers you with widest range of options in tablets from different brands at reasonable prices and helps you make the best deal for yourself.

How Tablets are Useful to Us:

With the advent of technology, tablets have taken the world by storm. Today everyone desires to own a tablet and why wouldn’t they? They are sleek, portable and cool. Now you get to carry your important files, pictures, videos with you. Apart from that tablet also helps in interactive classroom learning. Tablets allow students to read eBooks, make notes and access dictionary within the book itself. We can also use tablets as remote control and play games by downloading latest apps.

Different Brands of Tablets:

Our website offers you with the best brands of tablets. Listed below are a few

If you are confused with so many brands, don’t worry just log into our site and seal the best deal for yourself. Today tablets have emerged as a device that chalks out a perfect balance between smartphones and laptops. As the market is flooded with variety of tablets from different brands it is tough deciding the one that may suit your need best. Mybestprice offers you with a list of features that you should consider before buying a tablet.

Features to Consider Before Buying a Tablet:

  • Processor
  • Battery life
  • Display
  • Connectivity
  • Size
  • Camera

Now we will give a brief description of the same so that it helps consumers take better decisions.


This is the most important feature that a consumer should look for before purchasing a tablet. If you are fond of gaming and watching high definition videos then a poor processor can ruin your experience. So if you plan to buy a tablet choose the one with a fast and strong processor that allows you to run multiple applications simultaneously.

Battery Life:

If you are one of those who are away from a plug socket for a long time then this is the feature you should look for. Our website offers you with plenty of options. Just go through the detailed customer ratings and feedback before making a purchase.


A customer should consider several things before choosing the best display. One factor is the screen resolution. While comparing tablets of same screen size one should see the number of pixels, as the one with a greater number of pixels offers a clear image and enhance the quality of videos and games.


Another feature to look for before choosing a tablet is its connectivity. A good tablet is one that offers you with multiple connectivity options.


The way a consumer wishes to use a tablet is the determining factor in regard to size. Broadly a tablet is distinguished into small, medium and large size. If you plan to use your tablet as an eBook reader then a small tablet should be your first choice as it is lightweight and easy to carry. But if you wish to watch movies, play video games and make presentations then you should lean towards a medium and large tablet.


This is the last feature you should look for before buying a tablet. Tablets come with both a front and a rear camera. While the rear camera helps to record videos and click images, the front camera is used for taking selfies and making video calls. Apart from the position of the cameras one should see the number of megapixels because tablets with more pixels produce a clear and detailed image.

Compare Prices Online:

Shopping for a tablet is confusing because of the wide range of features available. Different brands offer tablets for different price. To find the one of your choice, just enter the tablet name into our search box. From the innumerable options compare the features and prices of the various tablets to find the best one for you.

Save Your Money Through Online Shopping:

If you are one of those who wish to avoid crowd while shopping, Mybestprice is your one stop destination. Sometimes you end up buying compulsively as the seller uses his selling skills to make this purchase. So you are forced to compromise on your choices as these shops lack options. Our website offers you plenty of options so that you can compare across several brands, as a little research can save you a lot of money. We also provide information and reviews of other shoppers who have a firsthand experience with these products.


In the era of fast moving technology people too have grown smart and the situation is no different in Singapore. They prefer to compare prices of different brands online before making a purchase. Our website allows you to make best choice from its range of innumerable options. We give you the liberty to check tablet prices online. We also provide you with detailed customer feedback and ratings that help you settle your purchase. So, if you wish to gift yourself new tablets visit none other than Mybestprice.



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