DSLR Cameras Price List in Singapore

Some memories are really etched in your mind, so certainly you want to preserve them all eternally, so that you can relive them as and when you feel like. Hence the most worthy of all materialistic investment is investing in a worthy DSLR camera. Be it your pre-wedding photo shoot or your wife’s baby shower, you want to capture every minute of this notable events, thus undoubtedly your camera becomes your perfect companion.

But, camera is not just another thing for the professional photographers, like it is to us. Professional photographers are always on the lookout for cameras that will suit their needs and bring out the best of their talent. In Singapore too, the crowd is slowly getting inclined towards purchasing high-quality DSLR cameras, both the commoners and the professional are constantly searching for the best option. Now with so many brands offering varied options, it often gets confusing to choose the finest. But don’t worry we at Mybestprice are ready to solve all your perplexity. So, just log in to our website to know about the best DSLR camera prices in Singapore.

Best DSLR Cameras of 2020

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DSLR Cameras Price in Singapore

Latest DSLR Cameras Price List (2020) Updated Prices
Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark IIS$ 2,399
Nikon COOLPIX L830S$ 360
Canon EOS 80D Body OnlyS$ 1,080
Nikon D3400S$ 499
Canon EOS 200DS$ 613
Olympus OM-D E-M1S$ 331
Nikon D5600 18-140mmS$ 939
Canon PowerShot SX60 HSS$ 607
Nikon D3000S$ 1,191
Canon EOS 700D 18-55mmS$ 1,232

What makes DSLR camera the best choice?

If photography is your passion, then undoubtedly you would love to own a DSLR and flaunt your expertise in photography. Now, there are certain crucial aspects that make a DSLR camera score above other variants. Here is the list:

  • Interchangeable lens: Capturing scenic beauty is way different from a wedding photo shoot. Basically with a DSLR camera you will have the freedom to change the lenses as per your subject of photography.
  • Quick autofocus: Accurate and faster autofocus together makes this DSLR camera a wonder product.
  • Low light efficiency: Capturing a perfect photo in low light condition is a real tough job, but with these DSLR cameras in hand, you will no more have to worry about the low-light condition.
  • Faster shooting: DSLR cameras are so efficient that fast and flawless shooting is now a mere child’s play. Ranging from 3fps to up to 12fps, these DSLR cameras are a delight for the photographers.
  • Absolutely no shutter lag: Yes, with the invention of these highly proficient DSLR cameras, shutter lag problem has completely being weeded out.

How will the buyers decide?

The increasing demand for DSLR cameras has encouraged the leading brands to come up with hundreds of variants of the same, thus making it really bewildering for the buyers, to pick.  It is thus recommended to act smartly, so that you don’t end up regretting your purchase later on. Generally a DSLR camera is bestowed with loads of advanced features to enrich your photography experience. But, to be very frank the need of any professional photographer won’t match with that of a hobbyist. Thus with varied needs, naturally your preference will also differ. Hence deciding upon the best choice requires a little homework. We at Mybestprice, has thus put in our whole hearted efforts to ease your dilemma. Compare DSLR prices online through our website, look in to its features and then as per your budget select the best one. We have included all the DSLR cameras from the noted brands for our customers. Be a learner or a professional, we tried our best not to disappoint anyone.

Frankly, neither do we want you to lose your hard earned bucks by buying an unworthy product, nor do we want you to compromise with your wants, we thus offer the best of all brands and that too at its best price in the market.

Which brand to choose?

When we talk about DSLR cameras, indisputably Canon and Nikon are the pioneers in the market.  But there are many other brands which are slowly getting in to the limelight in Singapore, like Fuji, Sony and Olympus. But definitely you as the buyer has the freedom to decide as to in which brand you will lay your trust. Different brands offer different DSLR camera prices in Singapore, so by taking in to consideration the other significant factors like user ranking and specifications you can settle your purchase.

What more do you need to boost your DSLR camera’s efficiency?

Your DSLR camera comes with some really sophisticated features and getting the right accessories will increase its performance. But how will you decide which one will serve your purpose? Don’t worry, because Mybestprice not only allows you to check DSLR camera prices online but also let you purchase some of the finest DSLR accessories at a reasonable price. What are they?

  • Camera Filters: In digital photography usage of good quality camera filters is a must. And hence we have gathered the best choices in the market to help our buyers take the right decision.
  • Camera lenses: As mentioned previously, the efficiency of a DSLR camera depends on its lenses. A professional photographer is well aware that how a lens can add perfection to his photos. We thus have some of the best lenses from the leading companies for our customer. Check the rating and specification and then decide as per your budget.
  • Memory card: A memory card increases the storage of your DSLR, so invariably on a trip you need a high capacity memory card, so that you don’t have to delete some old snaps, to make space for the new ones.
  • Camera accessories: We know you love your DSLR, so keeping it safe and scratch free is your responsibility, choose the perfect case or other accessories from our website to ensure your DSLR camera’s longevity.

What else do we offer?

Though the primary focus is on DSLR cameras nowadays, but there are plenty of other reasons as to why you should visit our website:

  • Compact camera: Yes, we also offer sleek and smart compact cameras to our buyers. With plenty of options available you will certainly not be disappointed.
  • Drone cameras: Recent security threats have increased the popularity of the drone cameras. So now keep a check on your surroundings and that too without letting your enemy know about it with these drone cameras. Choose wisely and be safe.
  • Action camera: An action cam is slowly growing popular because of its hardy built, mainly used in sports and outdoor activities like skiing, these cameras are much in demand.
  • Camcorders: We know often it’s not just the still photos that impresses you, some moments are priceless, like your baby’s first walk, so definitely a camcorder is what you need to capture that special moment, so that you can play and replay it, as and when you feel like. We also have some of the best camcorders for you.
  • Underwater cameras: Well your scuba diving moment is no doubt a really special experience for you and you want to share that thrill with your friends and family. So a good quality underwater camera is a must to record those exhilarating moments and we thus have some really good option for those photographers, who want to make their clients happy by recording those moments for them.
  • CCTV camera: You definitely don’t want an intruder in your house when you are not in town, so search for the best CCTV camera through our website and install as early as possible.
  • Mirrorless camera: Though they look like ordinary SLR cameras, but with this added feature of interchangeable lens, these cameras stand apart from the lot, so if you think you want an upgraded version of SLR camera, choose from this variant.
  • Polaroid camera: Why wait, when you can have instant photos with Polaroid camera? Select a good quality Polaroid camera from our website and put an end to waiting.


You have to be a watchful buyer if you want to make the most of your investment. Do thorough research by going through the user ratings, specifications and also price of the same product under different brand names before finalizing your purchase.  We appreciate your love towards photography, and thus with our relentless efforts, we aim to help you make a sensible choice.



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